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All the Gifts

All the Gifts

My “day” job consists of telling other people’s stories. I’m a public relations consultant, so I get to write about lots of awesome people and then go and tell other awesome people what they’re up to. It’s a lot of fun, especially because these folks have exciting careers as chefs, lodge owners, grill manufacturers, cookbook authors, and the like. No work day is the same just as no person is the same.

I recently got a query from a writer at The Huffington Post who was looking for a woman under the age of 45 who’d recently battled breast cancer. Usually, it’s me pairing one of my clients with a writer’s needs, but in this instance, I fit the criteria. I sent her a quick note back, answered some questions via email, and voila! Thought I would share her article here in case it could help another woman dealing with this beast.

Happy Saturday!



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