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Spring Greens!

Spring Greens!

Our fridge is filled to the brim with local and fresh vegetables from our CSA at Cane Creek Farm. Today marks week two of sixteen weeks of beautiful, flourishing and colorful vegetables. This makes me very happy.

Instead of haphazardly planning menus for the week, I look at what vegetables we have and plan our meals around them, and we naturally eat more plant-based meals. Plus the CSA provides us with vegetables we may not normally purchase, like Swiss chard.

This week we had a ton of spring greens – kale, spinach, mixed salad greens, and Swiss chard. Here are two amazing recipes to use with greens.

Green, Green Noodle Soup is known in our house as “The Kelly McLellan dish” because Kelly McLellan brought this to us when Sutton was born 12 years ago! And it’s still a family favorite. Instead of just spinach, I also use Swiss chard and kale. And use as many greens as you want and can – I use more than the amount the recipe calls for. So good!

This chard stem hummus recipe is amazing because- what do you do with the tough stems? I used to throw them away. No! They are packed full of nutrients. This recipe softens them up and turns them into a delicious hummus.

I’d love to hear if you are a CSA member at a farm in your community. It’s such a rewarding experience! And also please share any seasonal recipes with greens!


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