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Summer Dinners

Summer Dinners

I am loving summer. No alarm clocks, no mad rush to the bus stop, no lunches needing to be packed. The daylight stretches on and on each summer evening, the fireflies dance, the heat subdues to a comfortable temperature, and I just want to be outside soaking it all up.

We have dialed in our back deck over the last year with strings of lights, tiki torches, flowers, and plants. It’s my favorite place to be in the summer evenings– way too hot during the day, but come early evening it’s an inviting place to eat dinner and play a little music afterward. This summer is particularly special to me because I’m not going through breast cancer treatment. I won’t spend the majority of my summer in bed. Every day is a celebration!

So my first thought this morning is – what should I make for dinner tonight on this beautiful summer day unfolding before me? I’m so grateful I have the mind, body, and spirit to contemplate the answer to that question. I’m enjoying my morning coffee and going through my huge folder of torn out pages of cooking magazines.

Here’s my plan for dinner for the next three nights:

Cauliflower risotto with seared scallops – Clean Eating Magazine (March 2018)

Heirloom tomatoes with charred okra, Vidalias, and malt mayo– Cooking Light (July 2016)

The Cobb-Made-Keto Bowl – Clean Eating Magazine (March 2018)

Let me know if you try any of these or if you’d like to “cook together” the next three nights.

What are your favorite summer recipes? I’d love to hear.




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